Seasons will change

Not every season is designer lawn season. But, every season is shaadi season. And that is the next best thing.

With the winters already upon us, the new wave of knots tying and dupattas dyeing and food frying is just around the corner, bringing with it a host of regular highlights such as foreign visitors, shopping for new clothes, old catalogues being pulled out to see what's still around and what to visit. 

Alongside some usual habits and traits the wedding season brings, there are always the unique and unprecedented outlooks. Fashion styles that are self innovated, colors that no one else is wearing and even designs that no one else is flaunting. The shaadi season offers a clean, limitless landscape for the intrepid designer savvy to showcase their own styles and observe what others are doing. A lot of Pakistani fashion revolves around not what you can do, but what you shouldn't do, making it imperative that alongside with keeping an open mind, you remain critical of what works and what doesn't. 

Remember that what is good for one person may not always work for you. Styles are as much part of our personality as they are of our unique interpretation. Being critical of fashion in no way means that you should judge a person, but embrace their style and see if what's floating around works for you. Conversely, your fashion sense should inspire people to step out of their comfort zones, and all fashion is rooted deeply in communal unity. 

So while the food is warm and the dances are hypnotizing and the décor is comfortable, remember to give your fashion and other's some moral support and encouragement.