Lights, camera, satisfaction!

With the Eid season, comes the season of several big budget Pakistani movies making the waves. Movies like Hulla Gulla and Jawani Phir Naheen Ani have already captured the interest of thousands of movie enthusiasts.

And with big budget movies, comes some eye catching fashion and trendy costumes. With color, comedy and craziness abound, it's no wonder that part of your movie experience wil indulge in a close scrutiny of all the trends you can catch. 

Which is a healthy observation skill. But remember, it's imporant to not be misled too far from your own unique fashion sense. What you might see on camera and what suits you are sometimes, not always, two different things. Be confident in your choices and remember to always try a new color, style and trend before being overly negative or approving of it. 

And remember, enjoy the movie above all else!