Lakhany Silk Mills presents Komal's 'The Elegance of Night'

Who says Black is an intimating, unfriendly and unapproachable color? Black is the color that goes with everything and is flattering to wear! Taking inspiration of Timeless fashion of Black; Lakhany Silk Mills brings you alluring shades of the Night with Komal Mid Summer 2015 Blacks collection.

There's nothing like a little black to lighten the fashion status quo. In the midst of all the vibrancy and colors, nothing catches the eye like the creatively printed black and white combo dupatta and shirt done of LSM Komal's 'The Elegance of Night' collection. The collection is simple yet has flowing edge to it.

Black leaves a lasting impression more than any other color when it comes to fashion. Be brave and bold in this opulent Mid Summer 2015 collection that is sure to not only turn heads but also turn your style sense to a more edgy and confident direction.

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