Lakhany Silk Mills presents The Exclusive Charlotte Collection!

Lakhany Silk Mills proudly presents to you the exclusive LSM's Charlotte Collection. As the name defines, the collection is inspired by the grandeur of the Victorian era and the practicality of the modern era; it is a collection that is both timeless and peerless in its design and outlook.
Charlotte collection contains 3 piece suits with Digital printing and embroidery on neck and borders. The flowing silk Dupattas compliment the suits at their utmost.

The suits have playful designs that bring your youth back with style and sophistication blending around you. The Victorian designs bring a royalty touch in your fashion and makes you win the race of grace! 

Some printings have beautifully portrayed autumn season while others have patterns of blooming flowers indicating the greatest companionship of a girl with flowers.

Visit now at LSM's online store at and buy the attires now to celebrate Eid 2015 in Victorian Style!