Freeze Fashion

This winter, while different places in Pakistan gear up for another winter, blankets, sweaters, bulging boots and heavy slacks have replaced cute outfits.
But that's no reason to not be stylish. Remember, there are things you can do in the winter with your fashion flare you can't do in the summer. Scarves and shawls, for example, are a great addition to your style statement, allowing for some extra panache while the winter moves in and you remain a head turner.

Another great addition in the winter is accessories from the summer – while summer may be a few 
months off, there’s no harm in applying some of your summer wardrobe to add a layer for warmth 
wither over or beneath your current fashion. 

Many kurta suits, with dupattas to boot, are a great way to look stylish in the winter. They offer the 
perfect blend of layers with design to make sure nothing on you is out of place. As the winter moves in across Pakistan, women located in the more central regions of Pakistan may experience the biting cold. Always remember, fashion is more than just what you see in the pictures. A large part of your style comes from innovation and impromptu combinations. 

Stay warm, stay smart!