Treme Tulips

Treme Tulips

The fascinating thing about South Asian fashion is that even when outdated and faded trends come back or become the "hot new thing" again, they never look bad or out of place at all. In fact, they look even better.

Tulip Shalwars. The fad that has gained a lot of momentum this season has captivated and racked up the demands by consumers all over the country. Spotted at several parties, dinners and events, this trendy shalwar piece elaborates the chic couture look either with three piece or two piece suits.

Designer made and custom created tulip shalwars apparently are the highlight of the season as being the most sought after fashion piece. Varying designs and fabrics have been used such as crepe, silk and net to accommodate the tastes of consumers but the unanimous fabric choice is lawn.

So if you're anything like the modern fashionista, you know when and where to look for the slick and hot tulip shalwars that adds just more oomph to your collection.