The Motley Crew

Over a dozen new fashion brands spring up each year in Pakistan. These days, it seems anyone with a knack for artsy software can come up with a bunch of designs and sell them off at the next big lawn exhibition.
While lawn exhibitions in themselves are not a new concept in Pakistan, recent years have given a considerable boost to an industry that is as old as the country itself. With new designers, new outlets and an economic boom, everyone who's anyone looks like they're cashing in.

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that one should not be swayed by what they see. True, when it comes down to it, having the latest and freshest designs are amongst the two most important qualities a woman's wardrobe has. But remember, there are those who know fashion, and those who think they know fashion. Always stick to names you're confident about, and brands you know have earned your trust. Good fashion is as much about great quality as it is about great design, and the best quality comes from adhering to the best practices. 

Be stylish, be smart, but most of all, be wary of those who are in the game just for a quick buck.